£1 Million Of Sports Goods Taken In Brazen Warehouse Raid

Posted by Sam Berlemann on Jun 23, 2020 9:58:03 AM

The warehouse, which is occupied by retailer Sports Direct, was broken into in the early hours of the 2nd April 2020. A large quantity of stock, including large items such as pool tables, were taken.

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So far, six people have been arrested in connection with the burglary, and all of these suspects have been released under investigation whilst police continue investigating further lines of enquiry.

It is not yet clear how much, if any, of the stolen stock has been recovered. Police are asking drivers who were in the area at the time to provide their dashcam footage to assist with their investigation.

Businesses often have insufficient security

This brazen raid makes it clear that even though many UK businesses are closed during the Coronavirus lockdown, organised criminal gangs and professional thieves are taking full advantage of buildings which have been temporarily closed or mothballed.

While many businesses install fences around their premises, alarm systems are often outdated or otherwise inadequate. Furthermore, many businesses don't have perimeter intrusion detection systems installed to protect their buildings.

CCTV in itself is rarely sufficient to protect a business as they do not detect intruders reliably. Images are often low-resolution and taken from such a distance that the intruder is indistinguishable.

Alarm systems can also be problematic. Neighbours, both commercial and residential, often believe that sirens sounding are more of a nuisance than something to be concerned about.

This environment creates the perfect storm for criminals to take full advantage of any site which they identify as a weak target.

Protect, Detect, React!

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