Detection Technologies Launches Disruptive Product At Security Expo 2019

Posted by Sam Berlemann on Nov 27, 2019 12:45:01 PM

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Detection Technologies will be exhibiting at Security Expo 2019. If you plan to attend the trade show you are very welcome to stop by at booth C71 and receive first hand information about our brand new product called MultiSense.

MultiSense is a system designed for effective Intrusion Detection and Smart Perimeter Management. Please find a feature summary below:

Best In-Class Intruder Detection

Centralised data analysis enables cross correlation between sensors so that intrusions are reliably differentiated from environmental influences.

No Blind Spots

Mix-and-match sensors to suit the perimeter boundary (e.g. fences, walls or gates) or building (e.g. walls, roofs and windows) to be protected.

No Single Point Of Failure

A fail-safe design ensures continuous functionality in case of single-point attacks or sabotage.

Cyber Secure

Various encryption technologies prohibit unauthorised access, data manipulation or inclusion of malicious hardware.


All system connections are continuously monitored so opening enclosures or plugging/ unplugging of any cables/peripherals will be detected.


All user interactions with the system are consistently logged so that any system changes can be traced back to the individual user.

Whether small residence or a large international airport, the system is scalable to any size of perimeter.

Third party sensors or security devices can be easily integrated into the system.

Monitor and control all your perimeter accesses
(e.g. gates, barriers or bollards) digitally.
A modern software designed from scratch ensures a feature-rich and pleasant user experience.


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For more information and live demos visit us at booth C71.

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