Why An Intrusion Detection System Isn't As Complicated As You Think

Posted by Sam Berlemann on Nov 16, 2018 5:31:43 PM

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There’s a tendency to believe that advanced technology is rather incomprehensible to the average person, even experienced facility managers, security personnel and installers.

To be honest, the primary concern when choosing intrusion detection systems should always be whether it provides complete and unfailing coverage, allowing you to monitor every type of potential threat to your site. For this, vibrational sensors are essential.

How the superb results are achieved is interesting and potentially a great deal more straightforward than you may think. In fact, the design and innovation behind high performance perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) systems also explains why they are “head and shoulders above” the alternatives.

Replacing Outdated Security Monitoring Systems

Let’s look first at more outdated ways to protect the perimeter of high security sites or valuable assets such as high-end homes.

Many perimeter security systems are a patchwork of motion sensors and CCTV cameras, operating well below their potential. Without proper investment in the best security equipment, or having systems that are installed or maintained incorrectly, limited effectiveness is naturally achieved.

This includes poor quality imagery or audio feed, and blind spots around your site.

Array Of Vibrational Sensors

The way more advanced perimeter intrusion detection equipment works, is based on a more expansive reach and greater accuracy in controlling the data received.

This involves inbuilt sensor cables, that provide perimeter fences with an uninterrupted feed across your site. These cables monitor the minute vibrations caused as an intruder attempts to defeat the perimeter barrier (be it fence or wall) - – to detect even the slightest attempt to defeat the perimeter barrier.

This could be a substantial attempt to intrude – such as someone trying to cut through or dismantle the fence. However, the sensors are arrayed and configured to measure even slight changes in the structure, such as someone covertly scaling the fence.

Detecting Intruders Without Fail

The system is also carefully programmed to know the difference between expected and unexpected vibrational changes. So, climatic conditions, foliage and passing traffic won’t interfere with its effectiveness or your inclusive security control.

When the PID senses vibrational change which exceeds pre-determined thresholds, it triggers an alert. It also sends audio signals that enable you to listen to what’s happening. All of this information is transmitted seamlessly from the system analyser to your security management system.

The best vibration based intrusion detection systems integrate easily with all other security technology you may choose to use. This includes CCTV, even helping you to point cameras in the right direction.

This all means that from one central point, the entire security network can provide extremely accurate intel.

How accurate? There are even devices in the Detection Technologies range that can pick up additional heartbeats in specific areas or within vehicles passing through perimeter fencing.

Now that’s accurate!

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