Solar power plants put their faith in Detection Technologies

Posted by Carl Forsyth on Mar 18, 2019 3:24:35 PM
As countries in the Middle East begin to reduce their dependence on Oil for both energy and revenue, a much cleaner and infinitely more abundant source of energy is being harnessed.
Colossal solar power plants, some of which occupy tens of thousands of acres, are being built across the Arabian peninsula and beyond to ensure the future prosperity of the region as oil revenues begin to diminish. With these sites being constructed sometimes dozens of kilometers from the nearest cities, security becomes a major concern.
Fences and CCTV act only as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves, but these are easily circumvented by organized criminals.The extremely remote environment makes such sites the perfect target for such determined groups to strip valuable equipment for resale on the black market. Solar panels, Copper cabling and other critical infrastructure components are all valuable commodities which are irresistible to thieves. This not only causes unexpected downtime and loss of energy output, but also the huge financial cost of replacement parts and labour costs.
Over the past 18 months, we have seen a huge spike in demand for our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems from the solar energy industry in the Middle East and around the world. This is because Detection Technologies have a proven track record of giving energy companies the reassurance of knowing that no matter how vast their sites are, any intrusion will be detected immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.
We have developed a state-of-the-art sensor cable called VibraTek which will immediately trigger an alarm as soon as any unusual vibration, such as the climbing or cutting of a perimeter fence is detected. VibraTek sensor cable can also be fitted to gates, which gives any site 100% coverage and leaves nowhere for intruders to enter undetected. When used with the VibraSector analyser, this can provide up to 1 kilometer of protection, providing you with live audio feedback and a system that has the lowest NAL (Nuisance Alarm Rate) in the industry.
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