Why Your Fence Should Be More Than Just A Physical Barrier

Posted by Sam Berlemann on Nov 21, 2018 3:29:00 PM

A short guide to implementing your intrusion detection system

When Is A Fence Not A Fence?

When it's the source of valuable data to help you keep your military, commercial or residential site safe and secure. Data that can be instantly and seamlessly analysed to trigger alerts and provide clear, unequivocal imagery and audio feed. But how can a fence do all that? Read on...

Physical Divides Are Not Deterrents

Fencing separates and marks out your property. However, criminals now have sophisticated technology at their fingertips that can find your weak spots. They're also more than ready to use forceful methods such as vehicle intrusion to gain entry.

Which means no matter how well it's constructed, fencing alone is rarely sufficient as a security and privacy solution. This is particularly true on sites where the risks are high, such as expensive homes or commercial locations with valuable equipment.

The determined and well organised criminal fraternity need something far more sophisticated as a barrier to invasion and covert intrusion.

Installing the most advanced perimeter security system into your site fencing takes it to a whole new league.

Making Your Site Authentically Secure

If your fence intrusion system is clear and unequivocal, that in itself can be a deterrent. Criminals may move to a new location if they see their technological nemesis.

If they do proceed, the latest advanced intrusion detection systems can alert the site manager, security team or homeowner to attempts to gain entry, from any point in the fence.

This is because the best perimeter intrusion products are based on measuring vibrations in the fence structure, using sophisticated sensor cables that run throughout.

Communication And Control - From Your Fence

Configured for maximum effect, this sensor network feeds a constant flow of data to an analyser in the security management system. This provides intelligent interpretation of changes in the fence and will alert you to a genuine threat.

These integrated and connected vibration sensor systems can also be easily configured with other security equipment you use around your fencing. For example, the system can angle your CCTV cameras to provide a visual feed of the risk.

So, your fence is now the source of vital, real time data to help monitor your perimeter security with pinpoint accuracy. Providing alerts to a central location that can be instantly actioned.

Accurate Information About Threats To Security

The best perimeter intrusion detection systems can even sift out the sensor readings that represent normal and natural vibrational changes around your fence.

Clearly, thanks to the security range from Detection Technologies, your fence can be your first line of defence, in ways previously unheard of.

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