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Posted by Sam Berlemann on Feb 26, 2019 2:37:42 PM

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On a regular basis, we have the pleasure of working with one of the country’s leading suppliers of secure explosives containers on an individualised Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). For confidentiality we cannot disclose the client’s name, but this company specialises in stores for ammunition and explosives used by the MoD, quarries, and special effects businesses.

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The Challenge

Our brief was to create a two-zone system to safeguard an explosives store located in a quarry. This environment posed several challenges, including strong wind, frequent fog, and the presence of birds and small animals, which can all trigger false alarms on many PIDS. There was also high human traffic in the area and no existing electrical infrastructure to work with.

The client required two interlinked sensor and alarm networks for:

a) The security cage surrounding the explosives store, and

b) The store itself.

The Solution

Our proposed solution established a detection zone using microphonic cable technology. In a quarry environment this was a superior alternative to microwave, infrared (IR), video motion and RF cable sensors, for several reasons:

  • Unaffected by vegetation in the area (e.g. the movement of tree branches).
  • Unaffected by wind, temperature, rain, surface water, fog and light levels.
  • Unaffected by nearby foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Unaffected by the movement of birds, wild animals and security dogs.
  • Doesn’t require extensive ground works or power access along the boundary.
  • Allows precisely-defined detection zones with no extension beyond the zone boundary.
  • Discreet PIDS with no obviously visible hardware (e.g. video cameras, sensor columns, IR detector heads etc.).

Internal System

The internal sensors were installed within two 20mm conduits inside the storage container, linked to a junction box on an internal wall. One conduit ran sensor cables around the inner perimeter of the store to detect movement on the inside of the wall, while a door contact conduit was attached to the opening side of the door.

External System

The external detection zone was established through VibraTek 3G sensor cables, welded to the store’s protective cage within steel conduits. These sensors provide clean, high-quality audio with low signal loss, and are impervious to moisture penetration.

External door contact was monitored by an IS Zener barrier. The external system was routed through an IS junction box on the outer wall of the store.

Junction Boxes & Analyser

Both junction boxes were fitted with tamper switches and alarms for additional security. A submerged armoured 5-pair IS cable connected the detection sensors to a DuoTek analyser unit placed outside the hazard zone - in this case, 100m from the store.

Control Centre

Additional buried multi-pair cables ran from the analyser to the client’s control centre located approximately 1km away. This housed the alarm control panel and the system’s battery-operated power supply, as there was no direct electrical access on site.

Find Out More

At Detection Technologies Ltd we provide CPNI-tested perimeter detection systems for external and internal storage environments. Our systems can be adapted to all containment areas, including purpose-built storage containers, metal fencing, brick and concrete walls and buildings. Our systems are intrinsically safe, designed for use in hazardous and extreme environments. Detection equipment can be supplied as a standalone product, or in conjunction with a specialist storage package supplied by one of our partner companies. To discuss your requirements please call +44 (0) 1773 744750, or email info@detection-technologies.com.

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