How much would a hole in a fence cost your business?

PID Systems: Protecting more than just perimeter fences

Detection Technologies Protects UK Retail Giant Stores

Detection Technologies Wins Gallagher As Global Distributor

£1 Million Of Sports Goods Taken In Brazen Warehouse Raid

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£50m London Jewelry Heist; No Detection System To Stop The Thieves!

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€1Bn Dresden Museum Heist: Out-of-date security systems to blame!

Britain's Biggest Burglary Conspiracy: How A PID System Benefits Home Owners

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National Central Bank Is Now Secured by Detection Technologies

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VibraSector now communicates over Modbus TCP/IP

A Fence Hole Caused Delays at Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany

Ensure Your Airport Has The Maximum Perimeter Security

I Already Have Motion Detection CCTV, So Why Would I need a PID System?

5 Signs That You Need A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System To Support Your CCTV

Why Choose Detection Technologies For Your Perimeter Detection Deterrents

The four elements which form an effective security system.

4 Benefits Of A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Why Is A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Better Than An Ordinary Protective Fence?

PIDS - What Does It Mean?

The Fleet Street Jewellery Shop Burglary: Another raid which Detection Technologies could have stopped.

The Hatton Garden Heist: How VibraFon could have caught the thieves red handed.

Perimeter Detection Systems stop travellers from trespassing on vacant sites.

Why Choose Us For Your Perimeter Intrusion Detection System?

Solar power plants put their faith in Detection Technologies

Why A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Is A Big Deterrent To Thieves & Trespassers

3 Advantages Of A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Urban Exploration: Preventing trespassers from entering your site.

Criminals exploit a common flaw in security systems.

High Security For Onsite Explosives

How Are Our Security Solutions Tested?

How To Avoid False Alarms With Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Our New Website is Up and Running

Important Announcement

Detection Technologies to Feature at International Security Expo 2018

Why Your Fence Should Be More Than Just A Physical Barrier

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New Product Offers Superior PID To The Market

Tenth Swedish Prisons Is Now Protected By Detection Technologies

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Don't Risk Your Military Perimeter Security By Using A PID System

Find Detection Technologies at the 2018 Essen Security Trade Fair!

Detection Technologies Exhibition

One Of The Largest Private Houses In London Is Now Secured

Get Instant Warnings During Security Breaches

Get Complete Perimeter Security With Detection Technologies' PID Systems


Large Industrial Project Won With VibraSector

Perimeter Protection Expo 2014 – 14th – 16th January, Nuremburg, Germany.

Transport Security Expo 2013

Grant of Patent

VfS - Congress 2013

Intersec Dubai 2013

Security Essen 2012 - Product Innovation Award Winners

Detection Technologies becomes a BSIA - Member!

Great Success at the Perimeter Protection 2012

Runaway success at Counter Terror Expo 2011

Detection Technologies gains ISO9000 accreditation

Counter Terror Expo 2010

IFSEC 2010 Report

Wellingborough Prison Installation Completed

Detection Technologies Products On Track To Take Poll Position

Spanish Airport Authorities Contract Success

Ranby Prison Project Completed

Help Ensure A Secure Environment For Vulnerable Young People

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